FREE: Tasty Gravenstein Apples Ready for the Picking | Individuals & Hunger Relief (Santa Rosa, CA)

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Gravenstein apples appleWe have 10 Gravenstein Apple trees that are loaded and ready for the picking. Come out and pick as many Gravenstein Apples as you can for yourself, or hunger relief efforts. This is our biggest apple crop ever!

We’d love to see a portion of these Gravenstein Apples go to hunger relief organizations, so come out and pick some for yourself and some for local hunger relief organizations!

DEAL: Free!

TERMS: We are on HWY 12 across from Oakmont. Contact us if you can come out and pick. We can be reached at 707-538-2554 or via e-mail at

Gravenstein apples apple


  1. Wow, they’re not kidding. I picked six canvas bags full of apples by myself in around an hour. Nice property, friendly people, and still lots of apples to get!

    • CropMobster™ says:

      Thanks for the report out Kirsten. So glad that you were able to load up on apples. Have a great weekend.

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