Founding Members

nickNick Papadopoulos

CropMobster Co-Founder & CEO

Nick Papadopoulos has spent many years as a consultant, project manager and business leader focusing on one objective — how to facilitate the transformation of businesses, teams and communities for meaningful and measurable results. He has worked and volunteered in a variety of settings, from grassroots community organizing and public policy projects to managing strategic and cause-related projects for major global companies and associations.

Taking on daunting challenges is in Nick’s DNA and he strongly believes that our problems, if looked at from another angle, are many times our opportunities. He likes to move “thoughtfully fast” and is known for his ability to rapidly build skilled and trust-based teams to generate results in days or weeks instead of the usual months or years — Because today’s opportunities and challenges are moving like a train and they really aren’t waiting around.

He graduated magna cum laude from Sonoma State University with a focus on interdisciplinary studies and has advanced training from The Cambridge, MA based Consensus Building Institute & Lincoln Institute for Land Use Policy. Philanthropy and the advancement of important causes is a particular passion of Nick’s. He spent 3 years in the wine business helping lead Vintage Wine Estates‘ cause-related wine division including Stonefly Vineyards and Burning Hawk Wines. Additionally he spent many years as senior consultant for Sausalito-based Collaborative Consulting, which focuses on transforming companies and organizations, primarily the F500, to achieve greater levels of performance and profitability. Nick lives in Valley Ford, CA with Jess Flood, his wife of many years.



Joanna Cedar, Co-Founder


As the Chief Executive of PressTree, LLC, Joanna’s mission is to provide a modern technology and social media platform for businesses and organizations of all sizes to facilitate positive social change. Joanna and her husband Gary are 25 year residents of Sonoma County and have two children attending both Sonoma Academy and Sonoma Country Day for more than 12 years. When Nick Papadopoulos approached Joanna and Gary with his concept for CropMobster, his ideas immediately fell into line with their personal passion for food, community service, education and creative problem solving through the use of technology. Originally from the New York metropolitan area, Joanna attended Washington University in St. Louis, earning degrees in History and Political Science and Sonoma State University for her California teaching credential. In her first career, Joanna taught Western Civilization, American Government and Economics in the public education system. Family illness precipitated a career change and Joanna’s focus shifted to the family technology business of more than 15 years started by her father, William Cedar, a former Chief Financial and Administrative Officer with the New York Stock Exchange, and her husband Gary.

Jess FloodJess Flood


Jessica Flood is passionate about bringing people together and has been designing and producing events of all shapes and sizes for over fifteen years. From social and corporate functions to weddings and nonprofit events, she enjoys the challenge of creating memorable and meaningful environments. These days, helps manage her family’s farm, Bloomfield Organics, and is helping manage aspects of organizational development, liaise with farmers and producers, and help with the CropMobster events to bring the online community together.

gary cedarGary Cedar, Co-Founder


Gary Cedar is the Chief Technology and Marketing Director for PressTree, LLC which provides consulting in a variety of business technologies including internet, mobile, software, social media and information systems. Gary is also a professional photographer, visual artist and creative thinker with a broad range of talent that creates and energizes effective business plans including marketing strategy, branding, market analysis, social media strategy and website effectiveness. With a personal passion for community service and creative problem solving, and having worked closely with Nick Papadopoulos on a variety of local, national and global technology initiatives for more than six years, Gary very much looks forward to serving the CropMobster community in any area where his talents are needed.  Gary and his wife Joanna are 25 year residents of Sonoma County and have two children attending both Sonoma Academy and Sonoma Country Day.